snowtrekker canvas tents
Stove jacks for canvas tents available in 3 or 5 inch stove pipe openings

Stove Jacks

Stove jacks are standard on all of our tent models and available for purchase for your own needs. The stove jack is the only part of the tent that comes in direct contact with the stove pipe. When we went to designing our stove jacks our only concern was hi temperature, function and durability - not how pretty they look. Our fabric gaskets are made of a material rated to 1400°F. They are sewn together with a Kevlar thread with a stainless steel core rated to 1000°F. Pretty they are not - get the job done in spades they do.

Available in a 3 or 5 inch stove pipe opening only.

Hi Temp Stove Jack 3" $34.00

Hi Temp Stove Jack 5" $37.00

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