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wood burning stove heat reflector made of aluminum fiberglass cloth suspends right below snowtrekker wood stove, reflects heat back up to stove, designed for snowtrekker wood stoves

Stove Heat Reflector

If you haven’t already, you will soon notice the amount of heat loss under your stove as snow and ice melt, leaving you with your own indoor fresh water pond.

When suspended under our stoves, our heat reflectors [made from aluminized fiberglass cloth] virtually eliminate radiant heat from the bottom of the stove. The material, aluminized fiberglass cloth, is light and rolls up easily to fit inside your stove for transport. When combined with our stove hearth, you can greatly reduce the melting of snow and ice under your stove. This is especially nice when you set up camp on lake ice.

Please note that our heat reflectors are manufactured and sized to fit Snowtrekker stove models. Don’t own a Snowtrekker stove? Call us about custom sizes and pricing.


Solo Stove Sm. Stove
Md. Stove
Lg. Stove



Mounting rods not included

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